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Pippa's Gambian Trip February 2006

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Pippa's Gambian Trip Diary February 2006

Pippa and Ian made one of their regular visits to The Gambia during February 2006. So as not to bore everyone, Pippa has condensed her diary into some short notes, so you can concentrate on the pictures. We have split this page into 4 sections to reduce download time.


Places & Events

Wednesday 8 Feb Crab Island UBS and St Augustine UBS
Thursday 9 Feb Family visiting
Friday 10 Feb Jurunku LBS
Saturday 11 Feb Shopping & beach party
Sunday 12 Feb Banjul and Kemo's compound
Monday 13 Feb Gambia SSS, Saloum Nursery School, Abuko LBS,
Tuesday 14 Feb Bakalarr BCS,  Essau SSS,
Wednesday 15 Feb KMJ Nursery School, Sinchu Baliya LBS,
Thursday 16 Feb Gift Token shopping, Bakau New Town LBS, ICE SSS, GTTI,
Friday 17 Feb Sobeya Nursery & Skills Centre, King's Kid Academy, Smiley's family
Saturday 18 Feb Gift Token shopping, Kemo's compound
Sunday 19 Feb Bakary Gitteh's village, Sika
Monday 20 Feb Gambia SSS, Kemo's compound,
Tuesday 21 Feb Last day

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