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Horsham Rotary Club Charity Fair 2006

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The Horsham Rotary Club held their annual Charity Fair on Sunday 25 June 2006. As before, Pageant had a stall there, selling Gambian craft items and publicising our work in The Gambia. This year Omar Janneh, Science Co-ordinator from Sinchu Baliya Lower Basic School, is visiting the UK. Omar also runs the Scout Troop at Sinchu Baliya, and it was he and his Scouts who did all the decorating of the Resource Centre. (further details - work starts - update - completion)

Omar helped out at the Pageant stall and chatted with a number of people who were interested in both the school and the Scouts. He was also introduced to Candy Floss!  Pippa asked him what his main impression of the day had been, and he said that he was amazed to see so many different Charities represented with so many people involved on their behalf. He felt that the British must be a very charitable people - there were so many people working so hard on behalf of others. Pageant took 192.50 on the stall and had lots of interested visitors.

the Pageant stall at Horsham Rotary Club Fair

Omar Janneh tackles candyfloss

the Pageant stall

Omar tackles candyfloss


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