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Omar Janneh, Science Co-ordinator from Sinchu Baliya Lower Basic School, visited the UK between 23 June and 4 August 2006. This is his diary:

23-06-06 I left Banjul international Airport around 15.50pm and arrived at London Gatwick around 22.55pm and found Ian waiting to received me. Gavin and Holly came to stay for the weekend.
24-06-06 I attended a carnival at Southwater Junior School in the morning and in the evening I went to see a show on Midsummer Night's Dream at Broadbridge Heath hall. Holly spent a lot of time with her new slide.

Holly on her slide

Holly on her slide

25-06-06 I attended family 'flock to park' fun day at Horsham park, where many charities raised funds for their projects and Pageant had a stall.

Pageant stall at the Horsham Fun Day >>

more about the Horsham Fun Day

Omar at Horsham Fun Day

at the Horsham Fun Day

Pageant stall at Horsham Fun Day

27-06-06 I attended the 2006 Microscience exhibition at Excel conference hall in London and I spent the night at the Custom House Hotel. more about MicroScience
28-06-06 Kathy's husband Andrew came to pick me up from London back to Southwater where I am staying with Pippa and Ian.
29-06-06 Chris and Dave (Ibrakeforcake) met me at Pippa's residence to discuss about their plans for Plymouth - Banjul rally.
30-06-06 I visited Christ's Hospital school in Horsham and a boy by the name Louis Spreckley took me round the school campus and explained some important things and places about their school.
01-07-06 In the morning I, Pippa, Ross and Pauline went to Horsham town shopping centre and they bought sunglasses and a file for me and took me to an Italian restaurant to buy a lunch for me.

In the evening I and the Howard family went to Gravetye Manor hotel to visit Pauline's cousin brother (West Sussex).Then at night we went to have dinner at Bryce's restaurant which I enjoyed very well.

02-07-06 After lunch at home Ross and Pauline returned to Paris, France by train - Eurostar, which goes under the sea in a tunnel.
03-07-06 I went to visit Thurrock and Aveley junior schools in Essex and talked to the children about life and educational system in the Gambia.

with the children at Stifford Junior School, Thurrock  >>

04-07-06 I went to Pippa's office at Leatherhead town.

Omar with the children at Stifford Junior School Thurrock

06-07-06 I went with Tina to attend the sports day of Manor Green Junior School at Crawley town. This school is for children with special learning difficulties.

During my visit I met a nursery teacher who said she was one time a teacher in Kenya and she promised to send me a parcel of Nursery books when I go back to The Gambia.

On that day she gave me a book on caterpillars and one on face painting for kids

08/07/06 I went to Christ's Hospital for the end-of-term parade called Beating Retreat and we had a nice lunch first in a very beautiful dining room.

Omar watches 'Beating Retreat' at Christ's Hospital

at Christ's Hospital

'Beating Retreat' at Christ's Hospital

Omar and the commemorative stone of CH's move to Horsham

beating retreat

stone of CH's move to Horsham

09-07-06 PAGEANT members came to meet me at Pippa's residence and did a big party for me. The group contributed the sum of 105 and gave it to me. Kathy and her husband also gave me a Casio watch as a present. more about the Meet Omar Day
10-07-06 I was invited by Joe Brock, a physics teacher at the College of Richard Collyer in Horsham town to attend a session (I Hate Physics) for Secondary teachers in West Sussex.
12-07-06 I went visit Ridgemede Junior School in Hampshire County. Their World class teacher Ms Jeannette Mars and her pupils gave me a warm welcome and the children gave me lots of presents. The Headmaster Eric took me round the school and gave me the prospectus of his school. That day I, Ian and Pippa spent the whole day with them and the Headmaster was very happy to provide a dinner for us and Jeannette.
13-07-06 I visited Trafalgar Community Infant School in Horsham town (West Sussex). I had lengthy discussions with the children and their teachers. The Headteacher Ms Lynne Wise took me a tour of her school and then gave me their prospectus and her address.

Omar at at Ridgemead Junior School (1)

Omar at at Ridgemead Junior School (2)

at Ridgemead Junior School

Omar at at Trafalgar Community Infant School

Omar with Frances, Ian and Pippa at Buckingham Palace

at Trafalgar Community Infant School

with Frances, Ian and Pippa
at Buckingham Palace

14-07-06 For the first time I travelled by a train from Horsham train station to the Victoria railway station in London to go and meet Pippa and Ian at the Buckingham palace .They went to attend the30'th anniversary of the Prince's Trust on Friday. From there they took me round the City of London and later for a dinner to a restaurant called Giraffe.
15-07-06 I went to visited Pippa's parents at Hindhead and took a nice photo with Pippa and her mum.
16-07-06 I left Southwater to York City to attend the Light Microscopy Summer School from the 17-19 July and then left York to London on Thursday 20'th July to visited my brother and the next day he also took me for a weekend to Derby. I missed going to ride on the London Eye, a Thames river boat and a visit to the Natural History Museum with Kathy and her family!
23-07-06 I phoned Pippa from London and she said everybody is worried about my whereabouts which I regretted.
24-07-06 In the morning I left London to Southwater and apologised to Pippa for the mistake I did and then in the afternoon we went to Colchester in Essex to meet Edison about school projects and discussed with their workers about the Plymouth - Banjul rally and how best they can help schools in The Gambia and also to form links for Sinchu Baliya L.B.S and Primary Schools in Thurrock, Essex. (details of Edison meeting on Ibrakeforcake blog)

Omar at Edison with Pippa, Ian, Chris Lawler and his mum, Jan (left)

Omar with Joanne Hill and Chris Fisher

at Edison with Pippa, Ian, Chris Lawler
 and his mum, Jan (left)

with Joanne Hill and Chris Fisher

25-07-06 Two members (Joanne Hill and Chris Fisher) from the first 2006/7 Banjul rally group came to meet me and I discussed with them about the likely materials we will need in our Schools.
26-07-06 I attended a fund raising at Colgate scout camp site for scouts going to attend Jamboree at Essex. On my visit I met their Scout leader and he promised to have a link with my troop in The Gambia.
27-07-06 Mr Frederick William King and wife came to meet me and register their willingness to sponsor my daughter (Tida). (picture below)
28-07-06 In the morning I went to Singleton to visit Weald and Downland Open Air Museum.
Kathy and the family invited me to a dinner at their house.
29/07/06 We had supper at home with Carole, Franklin and Tina - a combination of a West African and English meal.

Omar with Carolyn and Fred King

Pippa's mum and some of Ousman's paintings

with Carolyn and Fred King

Pippa's mum and some of
Ousman's paintings

30-07-06 I went to Hindhead for the second time to visit Pippa's parents. Pippa's mum has mounted several of Ousman's paintings for display in a local hairdresser.
31-07-06 I and my hosts went to Brighton to visit the Sea-Life Centre where I saw lots of sea creatures and from there they took me to the marina where hundreds of different types of boats were docked. On our way coming back home we drove along the sea side for over two miles and came through the road leading to the old quarry where cement was produced in the south of England.

In the evening we went to have supper with Sandra at her home.

Omar at Brighton Sea-Life Centre (1)

Omar at Brighton Sea-Life Centre (2)

at Brighton Sea-Life Centre

Omar and Sandra

Sandra shows Omar her garden

with Sandra

1-08-06 I did some climbing with Chris Lawler in Crawley and enjoyed it a lot.
2-08-06 I had an Internet lesson with Frances in the morning, then visited Horsham Museum with Tina in the afternoon. In the evening I started to pack my case but it is too small to take all my things now
3-08-06 Did last-minute shopping in Horsham, bought a new suitcase for my trip home. Visitors in the evening were the Groves family, the King family and Tina and Frances and we had my favourite roast lamb for my last UK supper.
4-08-06 All my things fit in my new case - I am off to Gatwick with Ian and Pippa to check in at 7.00 am for my trip home to The Gambia

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