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Equipment for Gambian Schools

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Gambian schools often lack basic teaching equipment which is common in UK schools. With no electricity many of our normal gadgets are useless, particularly at schools in the more remote up-country regions. They need manual typewriters, sewing machines and even hand operated copiers - remember the Banda & Gestetener copying machines - if you can find them!


Teaching science in The Gambia is particularly difficult, but Pageant strives to get suitable science teaching equipment into these schools. Teaching students how to use microscopes is a good example. Back in 2002, three large schools in rural areas were each given a school microscope - partly sponsored by the Royal Microscopical Society. With no electricity, a small tilting mirror was provided to enable sunlight to illuminate the samples. Over the years large numbers of microscopes have been sent out and enabled many thousands of students to get hands-on experience.

Pageant has been very successful in introducing practical microscopy into many schools, even those up-country. We have run Science and Microscopy Workshops for Gambian teachers for several years, and our Gambian agents are now very experienced in running workshops themselves, usually for individual schools. Of course we need microscopes to leave at these schools for the students to use. We have benefited greatly from donations of microscopes with tilting mirrors for illumination. If you have any of these that are surplus to your requirements we would be delighted to have them.

Pageant agents running a practical microscopy workshop
Our Gambian agents running a practical microscopy workshop

Science Equipment

As well as microscopy workshops, Pageant also runs practical science workshops. Science teacher Joe Brock developed teaching kits suitable for use where there is no mains power. These kits are both available as Ethical Gifts, so you can purchase an Electricity Teaching Kit or a Physics Teaching Kit for use in our workshops or supply to a Gambian school.

Gambian schools can also use science equipment that could be used in their special circumstances. e.g. low voltage items which could be powered by solar panels. They also need science text books for any subject. Their curriculum is similar to that in the UK.

Other Things

If you are going to visit The Gambia, there is list of smaller items which you could take with you.

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