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Ian & Pippa's trip to The Gambia - February 2007

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Pippa and Ian made one of their regular visits to The Gambia during February 2007. We list some highlights of her trip with links to pages giving full details, and below this is a condensed version of her trip diary.


Sarjo's Wheelchair The first story is about handicapped student Sarjo Badjie, and his new wheelchair.

Science Seminars On this trip, Pippa was joined by Joe Brock, the Head of Science at Collyer's, togther with his family and Collyer's students Frances, Chris, Lauren, Kayur & Charlotte. Joe conducted a series of seminars for science teachers in upper basic and senior secondary schools. (see full report)

Tina's Art Pippa, Tina and other Pageant members visited Kings Kid Academy and KMJ Nursery, bringing rolls of brown paper, paints, sponges, brushes, scissors, colouring pens and pencils. They helped the KKA children create a jungle and the KMJ children an ocean. See full details.

Campama LBS The Pageant team visited this school in Banjul for the first time, after Wandifa had told them it was in urgent need of help with repairs and maintenance. Pageant has now added this school to the list of those it is helping. See full details

Jurunku LBS Pippa, Ian, Jon Quinnell and Lamin visited this school again, after several previous visits. They were shown the progress being made in the school gardens, and looked at the next project requiring attention - the derelict kitchens. In the village, they distributed a large number of the gifts that had been bought with Pageant's Christmas Gift Tokens. See details of visit and of Pageant's Ethical Gift Scheme.

Pippa's Trip Diary

Dates & Links

Places & Events

Tuesday 6 Feb

Arrived - plane about 1 hour late, no trouble with customs

Wednesday 7 Feb

Banked Pageant funds for children & schools, market for Gift token items

Thursday 8 Feb

Visited Gambia High & St Augustine UBS to confirm seminar arrangements, went to buy additional seminar stationery

Friday 9 Feb

Foundation for the Disabled - arranged to get new wheelchair for Sarjo; visited Campama LBS in Banjul (re defunct toilets) and Abuko UBS. Joe and family arrived.

Saturday 10 Feb

Albert Market with Joe & family to get musical instruments for seminars; Foundation for the Disabled to pay materials cost for wheelchair

Sunday 11 Feb

Bakary & Mariama Gitteh came to have lunch & to meet Joe to discuss Bakalarr seminar; introduced Brock family to Michelle's

Monday 12 Feb

Revisited Campama, agreed estimate for toilets; visited Saloum, Abuko LBS (photos of sponsored children), Sinchu Baliya (discussed S-B seminar)

Tuesday 13 Feb

Got up early, first ferry to Barra, Bakalarr seminar with Joe, Kemo & Wandifa. Ferry queue VERY long - had to cross on foot & get a Barra taxi. Ian, Tina et al arrived

Wednesday 14 Feb

KKA with whole Pageant group (12 now), Tina's art - jungle; Smiley's compound; went to meet plumber at Campama LBS (not there, see him Friday!)

Thursday 15 Feb

Got up early, first ferry to Barra, Essau seminar with Joe, Kemo, Chris & Kayur. The rest went on to Bakalarr - our large taxi got on the ferry OK on the way to Barra this time, but we had to leave it there on the way back (Fax, the driver, eventually got back about midnight!)

Friday 16 Feb

Met plumber & carpenter at Campama, agreed work schedule for toilets & sample desk & seat; Kemo's compound pm for hair-braiding etc.

Saturday 17 Feb

St Augustine UBS seminar with Joe, Frances, Chris, Lauren, Kayur & Charlotte plus Kemo & Wandifa; Indian restaurant for dinner

Sunday 18 Feb

Chilled out at hotel ALL DAY.

Monday 19 Feb

Sinchu Baliya seminar with Joe, Frances, Chris, Lauren & Kayur - 23 teachers!! Plus loads of kids (and it was a holiday!)

Tuesday 20 Feb

Beach party at Sea View - 18 Gamban children, 3 Gambian adults and 12 Brits - a really great day..

Wednesday 21 Feb

Gambia High seminar with Joe, Tina, Chris, Kayur & Charlotte; Ian et al visited Bakau New Town, Ndow UBS, Banyaka LBS, Abuko LBS

Thursday 22 Feb

KMJ Nursery for Tina's art - ocean; GTTI - Joe took an electronics class; AAT students

Friday 23 Feb

Brocks & Tina, Frances et al left for UK: Albert market for Edison items plus Pageant Gambian sale items

Saturday 24 Feb

Jurunku with Jon Quinnell & Lamin (photos of sponsored children) - cleaning day, so crossed on foot on last ferry before 9am, got Barra taxi

Sunday 25 Feb

Visited Jon's villas at Bijilo; lunch at Wandifa's compound

Monday 26 Feb

Visited Modou Lamin Colley (Ndow UBS), Mary Demba, Nusrat, GTTI, St Augustine SSS, took wheelchair to Sarjo

Tuesday 27 Feb

Checked out, tied up loose ends with Kemo & Wandifa, left for UK


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