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How to raise money for Pageant

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Pick a Fundraising Activity

You probably don't need any help in picking a fundraising activity. No-one is going to run a marathon just because we suggest it! However, just in case you are looking for ideas, here are some diverse ways that people have raised money for Pageant.

Pick a project

Schools in The Gambia are always in need need of funds for essential things - building work, furniture, play equipment, libraries, teaching aids. We believe that fundraising will be a bit more focused if it is linked to a specific project. When your fundraising is complete, your donors can see the results of their generosity by updates on the progress of 'their' projects on our website. Maybe you already have a project in mind, but if not we'll provide you with a short-list of projects which you can select from. However, if you just want to raise money for our general funds, that is fine.


A great way to keep your donors in touch is via a web page. We are quite happy if you build your own, but we can build one for you on the Pageant website. Here are some examples of pages we have built for fundraisers:

All these pages had a 'donate' button linking directly to an online donation page - though in the first three fundraising has closed, and the button has been removed. The pages are created and kept up to date with text and pictures sent by the fundraiser.

So if you would like us to make you a fundraising page, just send us all the info and some photos. We can usually get a new page published in a couple of days, and then continuously update it with stuff you send us. Once your page is set up, you can publicise the link, and of course people will also find it from links on our website news pages.

Handling Online Donations

We at Pageant will do everything we can to help fundraisers to raise money for us. We appreciate that you would like to keep control of your publicity and have instant access to your latest totals for money raised, so we have registered with Virgin Money Giving. They make a small charge - currently 4.5% - to process each donation, though donors can opt to pay this charge so Pageant gets the full amount. Virgin Money Giving offers a comprehensive and easy to use service both to Pageant and to our fundraisers.

Virgin Money Giving offers free sign-up to fundraisers and then easy ways to create personal fundraising pages. First go to Pageant's home page on the Virgin Money Giving website, click the Start fundraising link, sign in or register and then choose one of the several options available for setting up your page. Just follow the instructions - it really is easy. If you need help, the Help guides will tell you all you need to know.

A fundraising page is the best option if you have a specific challenge or event for your fundraising. Just follow this link to get started. However, if you have an open ended appeal, you will need an 'appeal page' which we can create for you. Just send us all the details plus an image to put at the top of your page. This is an example of an appeal page.

Event Sponsorship Forms

You can download an Event Sponsorship Form (in Word or PDF format), for use in collecting sponsors names and pledges for any event you are taking part in. Remember that people sponsoring you can tick a box so Pageant can reclaim Gift Aid on their sponsorship donation.


Easyfundraising is a shopping directory with over 2000 online retailers on its list. When you shop online with any of these, you will earn a small donation for Pageant. There is also a search facility which earns small amounts for Pageant every time you search. Start fundraising for Pageant now, with no more exertion than a few clicks of your mouse. See how to sign up with EasyFundraising.

If you need any help or information, then please email me  email webmaster

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