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Our website is changing ... but not too much!

We have made a start on making our website easier to use on smartphones by converting over 20 of our top level and most used pages to a responsive format. These have been uploaded today (19 October 2015). You can spot our responsive pages because they have a fixed menu across the top of the page, which stays put as you scroll down. our responsive pages so far are:

The test versions of above pages have been deleted from the /rwd folder and will now placed in the root folder. Check this page for details.

What are the changes?

As there are lots of older pages which won't be converted. we wanted the responsive pages to match the look and style of the older ones. We don't want too much of a visual shock when moving between old and new pages. The main features of the responsive pages are:

Why are we doing this?

In May 2015, mobile access to the web crossed the 50% boundary, and now more people access the web on mobile devices than on desktops or laptops. Google is now promoting mobile web access, by giving extra prominence in search results to sites which are mobile friendly. We are told that this will only affect searches done from mobile devices, but we know that the current Pageant website is not mobile friendly, and we have already seen a lower position in search results.

Smartphone users panel

We have used a panel of smartphone users to provide feedback during the development of our responsive web pages. Thanks to everyone who gave us their feedback, and particularly to Daniel Mannion.

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