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Bakalarr Basic Cycle School, in the North Bank Region, is reached from Banjul by using the ferry across the Gambia River to Barra, followed by a road journey of about 15km. [ Map showing Bakalarr BCS ] The school serves five local villages, and has Grades from 1 to 9, as well as a nursery class. One of the earliest of Pageant's projects was to fund the construction of a boundary wall around the school. After it's completion in July 2003, the wall was decorated with numerous paintings. Many of these were created by Ousman F Sowe, at that time a Grade 9 student.

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Ousman F Sowe
Ousman F Sowe

Ousman F Sowe was a student at Bakalarr Basic Cycle School and then went on to Senior Secondary School at Essau. You can see more of his work by following the links on this page.

The first picture below shows an idyllic scene with a herdsman, but much of Ousman's artwork relates to slavery in The Gambia - featured in the next five pictures.

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a hedrsman stands in the shade of a tree, while two of his long horned cattle graze nearby
a young girl hides in the bushes at the river bank as the slavers go past in their canoes
Girl hiding
a composite picture with an outline of Africa and several scenes from Kunte Kinte's life
Kunte Kinte 1
Kunte Kinte in chains, making his attempt at freedom
Kunte Kinte 2

Kunte Kinte was born in the village of Juffureh, not far from Bakalarr, in 1750. He was taken as a slave to Maryland USA. His story was made famous in the best selling novel and TV programme 'Roots' written by his descendant Alex Haley. Read more about Kunte Kinte. (Note - there are many spelling variations of Kunte Kinte's name. e.g. Kunteh Kinteh, Kunta Kinteh, or even Kinteh Kunteh.)

a woman slave kneels in chains on the river bank, while the slave trader stands behind her
slave trader 1
slave traders abducting slaves from an African village
slave trader 2

Update August 2005 - more of Ousman's pictures

Ousman Sowe's picture 'Face of Africa'
Face of Africa
Ousman Sowe's picture 'Tree of Africa'
Tree of Africa
Ousman Sowe's picture 'Bullock Cart'
Bullock Cart
Ousman Sowe's picture 'Riverbank 1'
Riverbank 1
Ousman Sowe's picture 'Riverbank 2'
Riverbank 2
Ousman Sowe's picture 'Riverbank 3'
Riverbank 3

Update October 2005 - New Studio

Ousman wrote to Pippa's Mum, telling her that he had been building a small studio for his artwork, and that he has named it the 'JOAN DOBIE ART STUDIO'. Pippa's Mum was really touched by this - a real compliment, she thought. Ousman has also printed T-shirts to advertise his studio.

Ousman's new studio
Ousman's new studio
Ousman Sowe in his new studio surrounded by his work.
Ousman in his new studio
surrounded by his artwork

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