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Boundary wall at Bakalarr BCS

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Bakalarr Basic Cycle School, in the North Bank Region, is reached from Banjul by using the ferry across the Gambia River to Barra, followed by a road journey of about 15km. [ Map showing Bakalarr BCS ] The school serves five local villages, and has Grades from 1 to 9, as well as a nursery class. Pageant began visiting the school in 2001, and has helped in many ways over the years, but much of the credit for the huge improvements achieved is down to the enthusiasm and commitment of its headmaster Mr Bakary Gitteh.

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The perimeter wall around Bakalarr School was completed in July 2003. This page shows the story of its construction. The outside of this wall has since been transformed into an 'art gallery', with numerous paintings by the children.

view of Bakalarr school in 2000 showing the dirt road and clasroom blocks surounded by unfenced scrub
classroom blocks surounded by unfenced scrub in 2000
the school grounds with children playing on a large sandy area
children playing on a large sandy area

When we first visited the school at Bakalarr, there was nothing to show the boundary of the site. Children and visitors (including wildlife) could roam through the area unchecked.

trenches have been dug for the wall foundations
digging trenches for wall foundations
sand is unloaded from a small trailer
sand for making the comcrete blocks

The blocks for the wall were cast on site and the wall constructed on sound foundations. Below you can see the mason with some labourers beside the first section of the wall to be completed.

the foundation courses of  in the trenches sand is unloaded from a small trailer
concrete blocks being laid for the foundations
The completed wall section stands about 2m high, with some of the builders in font of it
completed wall section with some of the builders
a panoramic view of a length of completed wall
after completing the entire wall
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